James Johnson - Documentary Producer/DirectorJames Johnson

Intensity, passion, and 150% is exactly what James Johnson brings to the table when it comes to his directing skills. For someone who was born with a less than conservative mind set (yes, I said born with) he found his life filled with conflict and adversity. He experienced people and the world independently from society, so he could form his own opinions, despite pressure to conform. His adventurous spirit has taken him places most would dare not go. His experiences have made him an advocate for the persecuted, stereotyped, and misunderstood; the underdog. He now considers himself an educational tool for the conservative masses and has a great appreciation for diversity.

James didn’t always pursue a career in media. He earned his Bachelorette in science and his Masters in Management. He has worked in numerous fields and has aintained creativeness and art as a hobby, until now.

James began his career as a director when he met Kristen DiAngelo through his wife, who also works in the adult industry. Kristen admired his vision and creativeness and asked him to help write and direct content for her website. Their working relationship resulted in a creative flow of ideas that went beyond content for a website and developed into a documentary about the adult industry, with the potential of a series of documentaries to follow. Thus, the birth of “America Courtesans” and the christening of James’ journey as a director.



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