Jessie Nicole: With exceptional production quality and sincere, candid interviews, American Courtesans moves us further towards changing the popular conceptions of sex work

PR Web: ...heralded as a passionate film as well as a game-changing tool

American Courtesans: A slick movie...

Natalie Mills - Therapist - DiAngelo provides a persuasive platform for a new level of understanding about sex work. Major for AC as well - we break boundries and a strong educational tool. Natalie Mills

Christina Page: This woman is glamor all the way, and I was a bit intoxicated by the glitz.
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(American Courtesans) you a perspective that has never before been realized. Ally Oberman

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The end product is beautiful and sets a new standard for the production of sex work media.[source]

While American Courtesans is not an easy watch it's still an important and necessary one. It never tries to be anything it's not and never hesitates during its candid, empowering journey. [source]

American Courtesans is straight forward, unabashed, and real, as these women challenge the United States perception of the oldest profession on earth. [source]

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American Courtesans is a must see film...I really feel that this will be an important film that will help to change the way that Sex Work is viewed and it will hopefully change some opinions of those people that view sex work in such a negative way.[source]