Press Packet - American Courtesans a Feature Documentary




Fox News:  An issue of having control over our own bodies...

Fox News - “Upscale Escort” and participant in American Courtesans arrested

Critical Acclaim

SF Station: Kristen’s - a love letter sisterhood of fellow whores love letter to sister hood of fellow whores

I was for the first time seeing the world through the eyes of the women in an industry I was once so addicted to....

American Courtesans: Movie of the month

Laure McElroy: ...the viewer (is pulled) through the trauma and catharsis stories to bear witness to eventual claiming of spaces of radical empowerment as whores.

Charlie Spice Show - Kristen DiAngelo, Gina DePalma, Pearl Callahan

Distribution Announcement

SWOP: I want to offer a real respect and solidarity with Kristen DiAngelo and all of the other women who were involved in the project

The European Independent Film Festival: Ally Oberman