The Idea

The shoot was set for a Saturday in Central Park on the West side of Manhattan, that was until the forecast of rain interfered. I had been shooting content for an adult site for years and things often took unusual turns due to the subject matter, but this time, it was simply a force of nature.  After a series of emails, searching for an indoor location at the last minute, and a gentleman named Michael; we landed in an S/M club in Chelsea called Paddles.
I wasn’t sure what we were going to film, but anything was better than nothing.  My site requires a continuous stream of material, each piece being new and different; captivating the audience or you lose them. I simply had to find a place, and in a hurry, and Michael, the owner, was very gracious and offered his club to us. He instructed us to show up when the manager was there at 6:00, before the club opened and I decided to do an informational piece. I would take a tour through the club and would explain to my audience what each device was and how it was used. Not a fantastic idea, as it didn’t really fit with my site, but when faced with lemons, well, you know the old adage. So, at 6:00 p.m. we showed up, car full of gear and a crew. Except for a couple of us, a virgin crew to the world of S/M.

The manager greeted us, took us from room to room and very clearly explained what the club was about. Although he was very candid, he declined to be on camera which made the interview a bit one sided. But, it was still good material and I was happy.  Near the end of our meeting the Manager invited us to return and meet the owner Michael, an amazing man, who agreed to speak on camera about his life as the owner of the longest running S/M club in the United States. Why that got me excited I’m not sure, but when I ‘m excited,  there’s no stopping me.

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The Film

The Idea

The Making